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Taiji: basic movement patterns and body coherence

When I was a college student I used to give guitar lessons. It was a great way to earn money without being too time consuming and I soon realised that I really liked the teaching process, not to mention the … Continue reading

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A tricky business!

  Teaching Tai Chi is a tricky business – and learning Tai chi even trickier! This is mainly because what people expect to learn by coming to a Tai Chi class and what they are likely to get are usually … Continue reading

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A day of Qigong

Most people have heard of Tai Chi but its sibling art of Qigong is less well known, which is a great shame. Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has its roots in ancient China and as such shares many similarities with and benefits … Continue reading

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An Interview with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

Last year I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to interview Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang during his annual week of training in Reading hosted by Karel and Eva. (1) I’m not one who goes in for hero worship in any … Continue reading

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Tai Chi, Fascia & Biotensegrity

I have always had a deep passion for nature which is one of the reasons why I love Tai Chi so much. In particular I am consistently fascinated at how all of Earth’s inhabitants, from the tiniest of bacteria to … Continue reading

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Taiji Almighty – Training with Chen Bing

First published in Winter 2013/14 edition of Tai Chi and Oriental Arts Magazine “First, you have to find your body.” Calm and cool Chen Bing looks at each of us in turn. After patiently watching us carefully demonstrate the opening … Continue reading

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Postulating Posture – Part 1

For most people our posture is something that is generally unconscious. It is  something largely unfelt that operates autonomously behind the scenes of the commonly valued and perhaps more superficial physical attributes such as being thin or having pronounced muscular … Continue reading

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