A whole new year…

As I write my last post  of 2016 the shortest day of the year (or the longest night – it depends how you look at it) is upon us. After the solstice and the imminent Christmas celebrations the days start to lengthen once more and many of us think of doing something new to improve our health and fitness in the New Year. Gym memberships flourish in January (this is what keeps most Gyms financially solvent) and while having the intention to exercise is a good one it must be stated that mindless calorie burning is a waste of energy; any exercise where you are not continuously learning and/or engaging and appreciating that the mind and body function as an integrated unit is entirely superficial and non-functional.

Lost in the Rock-Pools

Basic movement skills – vital for looking in rock pools!

The human body and mind accurately reflect how they are most commonly used, so in order to really improve our physical condition and mental state we must educate ourselves and learn about our most common movement patterns, perceptions and thought processes.






Chen Xin Wuji

The human body operates as tensionally balanced unit – lots of people talk about it but can you feel it?

To be fit and healthy humans require that a number of generic body movement patterns and basic movement skills are maintained and function well in an integrated manner. Blind exercise without addressing these fundamental requirements is a real false economy. So rather than seeing our bodies as a vehicle to carry our big, busy brains around it is worth considering the human being functions as a single unit – to really capitalise on our physicality we have to have this as our basic premise when we exercise. Eventually we may even come to realise that everything we do is in fact exercise.

The first thing we focus on in Tai Chi is learning how to calm the mind and relax so that we can rediscover and reignite our perception and the body’s natural capacity for movement. These are vital life skills known and valued for millennia in China. From here we have a clear path to building all the key skills we need to move and function well in life such as balance, connected strength, mobility and awareness. Think about it…..If you want to try something different you should come and check it out. All of our new courses start from Monday 9th January and the details can be found on the website: www.sussextaichi.co.uk In the meantime I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!





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