Can’t get no Satisfaction

Sarah’s blog is great! A teacher can point you in the right direction but only you can graft at the basics so necessary in order to embody and actualise Taiji principles. All those little observations and corrections add up to something really valuable over the years!

chen tai ji

I have a good friend who is Chinese, and a few months ago she came with her sister to Chen Jia Gou because, she said, her sister loves ‘the essence of taiji’. I have no idea what the essence of taiji is. Maybe it’s something Chinese people can sense as a palpable concept simply through virtue of having grown up in the culture that created taiji, but me, not a clue. Still, it’s stayed with me as an idea, and I was reminded of it again this afternoon.

There’s a student here at the moment who is from Jiaozuo but who lives in Caterham in England (small world!). We were having a chat today, and after I’d told him how long I’d been here, he asked if I ‘understood’ taiji. So I said no, taiji being extremely difficult to learn, requiring decades of dedicated practice to get anywhere.

He is…

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