Season of mists…

No matter how old we get the start of September seems to remind us of going back to school. It’s the early morning Autumnal chill and the long shadows that do it. Whether you loved or hated school (or something in between) it is hard to deny that learning is essentially a good thing. I enjoyed some of my time at school; one of the main things I remember is being told that I could do much better if only I applied myself! I can also clearly remember having chronic back pain from sitting in a small plastic chair all day long. It would have been superb if someone had been on hand to teach me how to develop my posture and sit well. A decent chair would have been a start, no wonder it was difficult to concentrate!


What I did not learn at school was how to develop a good relationship with my body and mind, how to move well or indeed how to think and feel well. Now that I am older I see these skills as being more important for the simplicity of living an enjoyable and healthy life than the old traditional subjects.

Fortunately, it is never too late to learn. In fact, learning is what keeps us young. Learning how to move well and use the body efficiently and enjoyably is a life-long process and absolutely necessary for good long term health. Mindless exercise will not suffice. What I love about Tai Chi is that at its heart it is about re-educating body and mind. To be able to practise you have to really focus your cognitive and perceptive abilities and engage with what you are doing. It is a very satisfying and sometimes frustrating process!

All of our new classes start the week beginning 23rd September. We have courses suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Check out all the details on the website and give me a shout if you have any questions.

So is it time to go back to school? While you ponder I’ll leave you with a quote from Master Chen:

“Learning Taijiquan means to educate oneself. It is like slowly advancing from primary school to university. As time passes, more and more knowledge is gained. Without the foundations of primary school and secondary school one will not able to follow the seminars at university.”

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